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The Darlings III

TRANSFORM Cabaret Festival favourites The Darlings' imaginative blend of drag and theatre from 2020.

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The Darlings are a multidisciplinary, nonbinary drag performance collective based in Vancouver, BC. Their work challenges the boundaries of conventional drag, and explores genderqueer, nonbinary, and transgender experience through the use of movement, poetry, performance art, theatre, and immersive/interactive installation. As an emerging collective, they have mounted four full-length installations in September 2018, October 2018, and March 2019 as well as features at Here For Now Volume 2 dance showcase (December 2018), the PuSH International Performing Arts Festival (January 2019), and full-length features in the TRANSFORM Cabaret Festival (October 2020) and Intrepid Theatre’s OUTstages Festival (February 2020). They produced two digitally Broadcasted Quarantine-Friendly shows during the COVID-19 outbreak (March, April 2020), and followed up with The Darlings: Uncensored for the Queer Arts Festival, 2020. The Darlings III features Continental Breakfast (Chris Reed), PM (Desi Rekrut), and Maiden China (Kendell Yan).
The Artists

Continental Breakfast (Chris Reed)
PM (Desi Rekrut)
Maiden China (Kendell Yan)

Cinematography by Maya Ritchey

Produced by Queer Based Media

Video & Sound Editing by Chris Reed and Maya Ritchey

Lighting Support by Lukas McCormick

Bobbie Mckenzie, Brandon Yan, Dust, Eboni Fisher, Evan Clayton, Eastside Studios, Jaylen Bastos, Patris Rudari, Ryan Ward, Tadia Rae, Tristan Makadahay, Sean Alistair, and The York Theatre Tech Team.