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Matt Bagshaw
I am just a human. I am just a human like you and everyone else, the only difference is I get my kicks in weird ways, I spin myself. I strive to hit the biggest moves and then chain them with other moves that make gravity and physics seem optional, the thought of what’s next is the exciting part. What new amazing things lay in the future? and how far? what new big trick? I never meant to perform, and certainly not perform for a living. Like many things in life one thing just leads to another, and here I am. Mat, the human, born in Calgary, ran away to Vancouver. Professional mixed martial artist turned circus performer, over a decade of combat sports has left me with the work ethic to make some of the hardest tricks in the world possible and a roughness that has made me discover my own unique style of spinning. Name +Mat the Human, cyr wheel performer – +alias, Matthew Bagshaw