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Artists Thanks Jem
Thanks Jem

She’s an unapologetic, Deninu K’ue First Nation, two-spirit, 420-enthusiast, cool mom! With more than a decade of creative ventures, from Cool Moms to Text Me Live, Jem made her mark in the East-Van Queer Community when she became the first Miss Cobalt in 2012. She has continued to make an impact with her platform by living her truth and calling out White People for privileged behaviours. She is also a tremendous cook, a skilled gardener, and an actor in shows such as The CW’s The 100 and many more since. Most recently, Jem was the star subject of “Queen of the Rodeo”—the hit breakout single by pop star and Lone Ranger: Orville Peck!

For those of us who know Jem, we know she has a truly kind heart and a beautiful creative vision. While she makes us laugh, performs from the back of a moving truck, and bakes us cakes on stage, remember that her life, and her existence is radical. Her experience is important and her truth is a priority—this is Pride.

If you haven’t yet, start listening to her! On Wednesdays find @thanksjem’s IG Live at 7PM PST for the revival of #TextMeLive.