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Marshall Vielle
Marshall Vielle

Marshall Vielle is a Calgary-based artist from the Kainaiwa Nation in Southern Alberta. He has collaborated with Theatre Calgary, Quest Theatre, Trickster Theatre, and Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society to help lay a foundation of understanding, to act as a pillar of support for marginalized voices, and to hold up a mirror to society and encourage them to acknowledge what we have created thus far and figure out how we can work towards enhancing a sustainable future together.

As an Indigenous Two-Spirit Artist he created Where the Two Spirit Lives, which is about revitalizing traditional knowledge and celebrating Queer Indigeneity. Two avenues he is passionate about exploring within his own work. This work has been instrumental in understanding where he belongs. It speaks to Queer Indigeneity, something that is on the rise in Canadian theatre and something I am so fortunate and humbled to be apart of.

“In our Blackfoot ways of knowing we don’t “tell” stories we “give” them and every opportunity for me to share my art reminds me that I am sharing not only a part of myself, but of my ancestral knowledge as well. I hope to share more of myself with the publication of my story, so far. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about myself, including the work I am privileged to do.” — Marshall Vielle