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Jonathan Kol
Jonathan Kol, otherwise known as J.C. in the dance community, is a former alumni of RC Palmer High School and took the initiative to start the, first ever, dance squad back in 2005. J.C. has been dancing for close to 15 years now, and to this very day, is still very active and immersed in the dance world. J.C. first started out training at Fresh Groove Productions, a hip hop studio in Vancouver that focuses on the old school styles of hip hop. After training intensely for a few months, he was later placed in a group composed of the lead males in Fresh Groove, named Xtreme Soul Style (X.S.S.). Here his love, passion, and drive to pursue dance in his future really fell into place. They competed in and around the lower mainland at local competitions and attained 1st place. They have also had the chance to travel into other parts of Canada, the States, and overseas to the Philippines—competing, showcasing, and training. First trained in old school hip hop and grooving, then modern hip hop, street jazz, Waacking, some jazz, and contemporary, he continues to pursue and strive to find other ways of interpreting and feeling all different styles and music. His love and tenacity shines on stage using his movement to really express what he tries to portray. Some competitions he has competed in are Peak Invitational, International Dance Challenge, Dance World Cup, Next Level, Driven to Perform, Artists Emerge Edmonton, Maxt Out, World of Dance Vancouver, and the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas. J.C.’s dance training is very extensive and believes the success to becoming a well versed dancer is to always keep your mind in a student mind-set. You strive for perfection, but there’s always room for improvement no matter what level or what styles of dance you’ve acquired. Staying humble and always willing to try new things has given him many opportunities to perform with like-minded and talented individuals to really entertain the viewer. Some of his experience includes training at Fresh Groove Productions, P.R.A.I.S.E. Team, FlowEthics, Harbour Dance Centre, Studio604, Millenium Dance Complex L.A., Debbie Reynolds L.A., Edge L.A., City Dance Studios in San Francisco, Music Videos, The Hollywood Summer Tour training program and more. In 2010, he had the privilege to perform in the Winter Olympics Closing Ceremonies hosted by Vancouver for thousands of audience members and viewers across the world. He continues to choreograph and perform with House of La Douche at various show’s around Vancouver. His present goal is to choreograph and teach more, and travel to continue his growth through dance. His drive and passion continues to push him to reach his dreams of working in the dance industry as a professional performer and choreographer and to share the talent he was given to fellow dancers and the world!