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Shion Skye Carter

SHION SKYE CARTER is a dance artist originally from Tajimi, Japan, who lives and dedicates time to her artistic practice in Vancouver, Canada. Through choreography hybridized with heritage artforms that interact with digital and sculptural objects, Shion’s work looks inward to the facets of her intersectional identity as a lens to process the world around her. As co-founder of the interdisciplinary duo olive theory with musician Stefan Nazarevich, she collaborates to experiment at the intersection between embodied performance, installation, and live sound. Shion has worked with artists such as Vanessa Goodman (Action at a Distance), Wen Wei Dance, and Ziyian Kwan (Dumb Instrument Dance), having performed works across Canada. She holds a BFA from SFU, and is the 2021/2022 recipient of the Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award. Photo credit: Brenda Kent Colina