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Ghenoa Gela

Highly-Award Winning, Multi-Disciplinary and Multi-Dimensional Storyteller Ghenoa Gela is a proud Koedal – Aubaith Clan Wagad-agam, Mualgal Poid and Aragan, Samsep and Peidu Woman.

Born on Darumbal Country CQ, Ghenoa’s ever growing skill base,stems from her strong foundation as a Traditional Torres Strait Islander dancer and her fierce cultural values of visibility in the broad western landscape.

Some companies Ghenoa has worked with include: Force Majeure Dance Theatre Company, Marrugeku Dance Theatre Company, Shaun Parker & Company, Bell Shakespeare and Circus Oz. Some credits for TV and Film include: Move it Mob Style, Nothing to Lose Documentary, The Movement Series, Are you Tougher Than Your Ancestors? and Playschool Storytime As an Independent Artist, Ghenoa also navigates in the capacities of: Director, Writer, Comedian, Choreographer, Performer, Host, Workshop facilitator and Mentor in remote, regional, and urban communities. Ghenoa’s passion is sharing her culture and aspiring to inspire.