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Eve Gordon
Creative director, Sound design, Performer

Eve, affectionately known as NZ circus’s Beyonce, discovered physical storytelling at drama school. It very quickly became her vocation, passion and her life’s drive.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Acting in 2002, Eve has been working as a circus performer, actor, experimental filmmaker, costume-creator, and producer for the last 15 years.


As well as training her acts, running the The Dust Palace Productions and heading The Dust Palace School, she has also co-directed all 17 of The Dust Palace’s full-length circus theatre works since 2009 – convincing many she keeps a troupe of nocturnal elves.

Eve is currently pursuing further training in Directing at The Actors Program working with incredible tutors such as; Sara Brodie, Ben Henson, Daniel Williams, Caroline Bell-Booth, Jaqueline Nairn, and Peter Burger.